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HEALTH REBUILD "Control the strength with your mind" ENERGY BOOSTER Improve the physical condition KIDNEY ENCHANCER Treat impotence and back pain



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RM 260.00

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What is


Mykendys® has 3 unique strengths: as a kidney enhancer; to rebuild health, and as an energy booster.

Mykendys® is the code to cell activation from the mysterious desert natural health food that nourishes body cells, suppressor of free radicals & improves body performance and fatigue.

Kidney Enchancer

The main element of Mykendys® energy candy is Cynomorium. The main effect of Cynomorium is to replenish “YANG” (to treat impotence and back pain), raise tendons, bones, “QI” and blood as well as constipation which occure in elderly people.

Energy Booster

Mykendys® helps to improve the physical condition to build a healthy and happy life. The amino acid supplement is from Khanna’s sugar helps to maintain the human body in more agile and power status especially during work out.

Health Rebuild

Mykendys® energy candy contains Cynomorium Polysaccharide, rich in 15 kinds of amino acids, 3 paste saponins, natural glococorticoid, 23 kinds of trace elements and various antioxidants elements. It helps inhibit viruses, reduce blood pressure and improves blood circulation in the body.